Assign Temperatures

The possibility to have repeatier server assign temperatures based on material selection, so when a part is sliced have no temperatures information such as

M104 S230 ;set head temp (no wait)

M190 S110 ;set bed temp (wait)

M109 S230 ;set head temp (wait)

in the gcode. 

Then in repeatier server say I want to print with PLA, which will add temperature info to the start of the gcode. Hope this makes sense.


  • I know what you mean but it only makes partly sense. In general not only temperatures depends on material - also other parameters might need to be changed like fan or speeds as some materials behave differently. Also some have varying temperatures with multi color print to stop oozing. And last point is that slicers do not generate parameterized gcode.

    But the good news is you can already change temperatures afterwards for the easy case that they get only set at the start. In the gcode editor you can change a few lines to modify temperature. Actually it was mainly written for just that task.
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