Printer Ports switches with different printer

I am on a trial for the repetier server and am still deciding to purchase it. I have my repetier server on a Raspberry Pi 3 using a USB 3.0 hub with independent 12v power. I have 5 printers connected. I have setup them okay and working. If i turn off more than 2 printers, sometimes they get swapped for the assigned ports. Also, if I Force Stop/abort a printer (red hand icon), one or more printers stop too. These issue are critical. Can someone shed light to these issues?


  • Linux numbers the port in order of appeariance. The solution in your case is to use /dev/serial/by-path/... which is a link to the original device but it will always get the same name if used on same usb port. So that way the naming is predictable and order of enabling does not matter any more.
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