0.94 not working with MK4duo

Update from 0.92.3 to 0.94.1 no more work with MK4duo. Using firmware MK4duo the connection with printer don't work anymore. Experimented continue time out and errors.
Also with RepRapFirmware no more work.
with 0.92.3 work perfectly with RepRapFirmware (MK4duo was not in list). With Marlin firmware can connect and is able to Home axis, but print stop after a while.
Retrned to 0.92


  • Ok for the mk4duo I tested with 4.4.0 and it worked but had some problems with M117 so I needed to add
    <bugfix name="FORBIDE_N" command="M117" />
    to the firmwares/MK4duo.xml file right after "<busyHandling>relaxed</busyHandling>". Then M117 worked again without problems.

    Connecting to a RepRapFirmware on a duet had nor problems. Did you have a printer with that or was that just a test for you mk4duo?

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