Heater disconnect when second layer Start


I have a Cultivate 3D the Beast V2. My mother  board os a MKS rumba v1.0 With Only one e3Dv6 extruder

when I start a print, All us ok, temp, axes home,.... the first layer is plate and good.

when the second layer start, temp Down and I have a message « heater disconnected »

I see the red led of thermistor 1in mother board on and flashing to the first layer

when second layer start and temp down, red led of thermistor 1 is on but not flashing, BUT an other led start ON the thermistor 4 place to put One.

How resolve This problem please 

thank you


  • This is a firmware problem and has nothing to do with Repetier-Host. Also thermistors have normally no led. I guess you mean the led of the heater in use. If it stays on that would be bad I guess - I think it means power is constantly on. and "heater disconnected" seems to indicate that bed does not behave as expected temperature wise. So something in wiring, hardware or configuration must be wrong. 
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