Repetier Server Monitor license?

edited June 2020 in Bug Reports

since repetier server on my Pi4 had some issues I reinstalled today, set everything up and activated my pro license.
Server Monitor however refuses to play ball and complains that a license is required..?
I already deleted the settings directory in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/ and reconnected to the server with the correct API key.
Versions are 0.94.1 for repetier server Pro and 1.1.0 for Server Monitor on an iMac.


  • Have seen this also but could not reproduce so far. Restarting Repetier-Server should fix that for monitor.
  • Moin,
    Entschuldigung fuer die spaete rueckmeldung. Ich hatte inzwischen meinen Mac generell mal neu installiert, was man so an 6 Jahren alles im Backup hat.. Egal.. Nachdem ich den Monitor neu installiert hatte und ich den Server mehrmals neu gestartet hab, tut es jetzt...

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