how to implement a lcd screen in repetier raspberry server

hello (may be i am not in the correct category ?)
i would add to repetier /raspberry server a 3.5 inches screen whom drivers are on the link above.
it works fine on raspberry under RASPBIAN but before to try it  i prefer ask your advice.
Does it will be compatible repetier server ?
thanks a lot for your help


  • Server does not control the screen directly - we use chromium browser. So any touch screen that linux supports should work. The only thing is that our image will not support it out of the box. You need to add the driver as described in the screen installation instructions. By default our image uses hdmi output. 

    That said the screen resolution is the minimum required so display informations is naturally a bit more reduced then on 7" display which has more place. But you should be able to still use all functions.
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