no scrolling in touch ui

edited June 2020 in Bug Reports
I just updated on of my servers to 0.94 and realized I can't scroll any longer. Before updating everything worked. 
On another pi which is freshly set up with 0.94 (and another display) everything is working. The mounted display where scrolling no longer works is a Waveshare 3.5"  touchscreen connected over SPI.

Any ideas?

Edit: touch itself is working fine!


  • Yes, will be fixed in 0.94.1. Mouse emulation currently disallows scrolling due to a problem. There is already a beta but final 0.94.1 should come out today or tomorrow. So if you can wait a day ...
  • thats not a problem at all ;) But this way I can stop looking for a solution ;) 

  • Update is out.
  • wonderful - works like a charm
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