Repetier Server don´t show Values for Fan 1


I have an Ender 3 pro with a silent board (Rev 1.1.5).
My Repetier Server is the Raspberry Pi Image V21 (with Server V 0.94.0)

I get values from the heatbed temperature and the Hot End temperature.
I can drive and homing all axis.

But I don´t get any values from the Fan if I print directly on the printer from SD card.
And by the way, if I print from SD Card direct on the printer, Repetier Server say "no active prints".

What can I do?

Thanks a lot


  • Nothing. Your firmware does not report fan settings and server will not know about them. Server is meant to be used as interface also for printing so it knows things like fan and progress/time. Also it is ok to print over sd card the server will not notice this since it was not written for that case. Upload gcode to server and print using server and all will be fine.
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