High Availability


Is there any way how to make repetier server high available? (I mean backend as multi node cluster)
Is repetier server persistently storing last gcode printer accepted? Is there any way how to restore the print without "hacking" gcode?

Thank you very much, sorry if I my question is stupid (currently I know just nothing about RS architecture).


  • Not sure what you mean here with cluster. You can only connect one pc physical with the printer so there is no switch over possible. You can have one pc per printer and use the repetier-server monitor to watch all in one interface.

    Server also has a recover feature that logs the parts already send and allows continuing after a reset/problem. But this requires a good setup so you do not loose position of z  and ideally a firmware moving the head away of the print if server stops sending data like repetier-firmware does.

    Latest release also has a feature to reconnect when usb port disappeared for a short time without reset and continue the print. This is mainly for pcs like raspberry where this happens when you have power problems.
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