upgrade and save gcodes

I want to upgrade to the latest version and I want to save all my gcodes files and their folders. How can I do this?


  • First upgrading does not delete these files and settings.
    Look into manual where the storage directory is for your os. It is in the installation part mentioned. Make a copy of this while server is disabled.
    Alterntively if you have pro version use Repetier-Server Monitor which has a backup function.
  • thanks for the reply
    I have the pro version and have Repetier Server Monitor ver 1.1 and I can not find the 'backup function'
    I assume it would be under 'action' but it is not - where else could it be?
  • First in basic settings (left side menu) you need to define where to store backups. Then select the backup function also in the side menu. To open it click on the hamburger icon left top.
  • very good, was just looking in the wrong place, Thanks.
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