[v0.94] Custom command menu does not allow scrolling the page anymore

I have many custom commands defined.  In the console tab, when I would drop down the commands list, the page could be scrolled to see all the commands.  Now it appears in 0.94 that it no longer increases the scroll length so I can't get to any of the commands that aren't displayed.  My main browser is Vivaldi (Chromium based), but I see the same behavior in Chrome and Firefox.  This is on Ubuntu 18.04.4

In the image below I cannot scroll the page anymore to see the rest of the menu.  I used to able to in 0.93.x


  • F... All menus have the problem. I modified them to solve another issue and did not register this since my monitor is higher then my menus. They are not anchored the the background and allow no scrolling. Will fix this for next update.
  • PS: You can use Repetier-Server Monitor I think there it will still scroll. New version now also has better log and more control tabs like regular gui.
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