7inch touchscreen

i have a raspberry pi 3b with a raspberry 7 inch touchscreen and i have installed Repetier server on it which workes fine .
i am connected to my printer from my pc and all is working except that my touchscreen doesnt show repetier instead it boots to raspbberrys desktop where the touch functions works fine.
what do i have to do to see repetiers "desktop"/buttons on that screen when i boot up the raspberry??
im new at this so i havent got i clue..=)


  • I guess you used the official buster image.

    On our homepage we offer a special pi image that has some optimizations for this including starting chromium-browser in kiosk mode full screen with the touch screen url openend. Link to this is

    Also our image has no menu system from os - chromium will stay the only visible program, no menus etc.
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