Advanced G-Code Event Generator

I've got a couple a printer with an auto bed level probe that I want to automatically run a level operation after the bed has warmed up.  It looks like I should be  able to use the Advanced G-Code Event Generator feature to accomplish this.  After issuing the M190 command the printer firmware responds with "Slow command added:M190 S80"  I've tried creating an event, with a regex of "Slow command added:M190 S[0-9]*" but it is not triggering the G-Code to be added.   Can you please provide any advice on what  I'm doing wrong or point me towards documentation that explains how to use the feature?


  • I remember having answered this question already somewhere.
    The slow command message comes from server not firmware so you can not use it. Also server has send more commands when you catch a message so your code would then be added somehwere in the following code which is not good. You must add it in the slicer start g-code at the correct place or run it in the before print event if the following commands to not remove the leveling.
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