G-code keeps running even while printer is in emergency state / Server is non-responsive

I've complained about this before and just want to prefix this with I really HATE how emergency conditions are handled. All of my printers are running Marlin 2.0 / RPi3s with RS 0.93.1 and when they enter into an emergency state, Repetier-server's interface becomes quite unresponsive and will continue parsing all of the gcode.

Why is this a problem? It will "complete" a g-code in the print queue before you're able to catch it and reset, when it clearly failed.

This happens on all of the interfaces, on separate installs/boards- i've clean installed and checked everything, but the problems still exist, so it's clearly something in the code and not hardware related. 

I'm getting really frustrated with how these emergencies are handled and just wish we could go back to pre 0.92.x behavior- none of this was an issue until then.


  • I hope you mean the case where Marlin tells M999 is needed. I found in deed that the line in marlin.xml contained

    <response type="fatalStop">(.*M999.*)</response>

    but it should have been

    <response type="fatal">(.*M999.*)</response>

    since fatalStop is no known response. fatal instead would stop the print at that position.
  • Yeah-- it seemed to just keep going, I guess the lockups were it waiting on checksums to fire back, but the printer is in a fatal state? Servers chugging away, but the firmware is locked? Curious why the interface just bombs-- if i try to click emergency stop, it won't respond until I exit the interface and log back in. 

    I'll apply the fix and report back.

    Apologies if i seem upset- it's just been an ongoing issue that's caused HUGE headaches in the workshop. 
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