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hello all
i am going to buy  pro licence and may be with cd/dvd ,but i need some explanation about futures releases : 
must we pay for futures new versions ? in case of program lost(accident,etc),does cd/dvd could help to restore to the last version?
actually what i want do is to survey and drive one (futurely, one more)printer on my workshop , from my home win 10 computer at approximately 2 hundred meters ,and also from my workshop's win 10 computer. the ethernet box is on my home and there is a cat 6 ethernet cable to link workshop with ethernet hub and wifi repeater on workshop side. There is also a wifi repeater on the home side.
the 3d printer 's mother board is a LERDGE K and is equipped with a raspberry for wifi communications.

Please tell me exactly what i have to buy and download to realize these connections.


  • License will be valid up until 1.xx version and work with them unlimited in time. The dvd will contain the version current at the time you bought it, which is the same as on our download page. It does not contain the pi image which I would install in your case. I think you should wait a few days for the image with 0.94 version coming soon. It  will have an improved network management setup. If you can connect directly with ethernet cable instead of wifi. Much faster especially if you also have a webcam to monitor the printer. Wifi will work of course as well.

    The only thing you need to by from us is the license key. Buy the dvd if you want a backup of a version just in case. Install the pi image from homepage on pi, enter license code and be happy.
  • HELLO 
    i bought a licence on friday 2020/29/05 with dvd.(order n°657250243 digital river) before installing licence, it worked fine ,after licence installed  noway to connect repetier host to my printer via pi server,
    i am sure i misdoing something but cant understand what. i will wait new version if delay is not too long 
    thanks a lot 
  • Guess release is next week. But should work none the less. So question 1 is does the server work on it's own with gui etc and show pro version?

    Did you do a reinstall or so? Then the servers uuid and apikey might have changed and you need to new apikey to configure server.
  • bonjour
    après avoir longtemps recherché une solution, j'ai finalement réussi à connecter l'hôte répétiteur au
    serveur framboise, mais maintenant, de chaque côté (ordinateur / hôte répétiteur et serveur framboise / répéteur), la connexion d'état clignote de "hors ligne" à "inactive" "indéfiniment, et je cherche pourquoi. toute aide et conseil sont les bienvenus
    en fait je pense que le problème est pour moi, plus côté manuel que logiciel / matériel.
    pour ma part, les diagrammes et les exemples pourraient apporter une meilleure aide. Par exemple, je n'ai pas compris où entrer la licence et j'ai finalement trouvé que c'était du côté serveur framboise, mais qu'en est-il du serveur frontal connecté à l'hôte répétitif?
    Je dois également résoudre la connexion entre 2 ordinateurs et imprimante via 2 répéteurs wifi et je ne parle pas du système de surveillance de la caméra non encore testé ....
    confiance fonctionnera
    Le concept de ce système est très complexe et il doit être bien compris . peut-être aussi la qualité de la traduction automatique de l'allemand vers l'anglais et le français qui n'est pas précise ...
  • hi
    actually ,starting repetier-host then opening front server gives "server pro 0.93.1 hypnos 33 
    no connexion possibility to printer
    starting repetier-server using @ip
    gives server pro 0.93.1 bacchus 15 ,printer blinking from "on line" to "idle" indefinitly
    well i think i will wait for next version...
  • > gives server pro 0.93.1 bacchus 15 ,printer blinking from "on line" to "idle" indefinitly
    waiting will not help here. That means your connection settings in server are wrong. Make sure firmware type is selected correctly. Then check baud rate and if the port is the correct one. In 99% is is one of these 3. Also note that only one app can connect to printer so make sure no one else is connected. Host is allowed if it uses repetier-server connector.
  • oops i made a mistake , you have to read "offline to idle" but is there a difference ?
  • hello ,have you a date for next version 0.94.0 ?
  • Inoffcial you can replace download link with 0.93.2 and you get the latest RC for 0.94. Hope it is already finished, just running tests now as I made many changes and additions which I like tested a bit more before doing the release. But feel free to start already with RC.

    Where do you read this offline and idle exactly? Idle is not a connection status it just means printer is not doing anything. But can't remember having this in server where also offline would appear.
  • hello i read this on server left high corner ,in place of chain rings there was the power signal
    and also on raspberry screen .this is over, it works fine.
      now i get a stable connexion and i can drive the printer (lerdge k motherboard) from host and also from server,it works i am trying to connect a webcam. i own 2 model one is usb  (connected to the raspberry seems not possible) and another one with is an ip cam p2p with a smartphone (reading QR code to connect) , but what i need i to get stream an pictures directly on pc's screen, please could you tell me some models  adapted for this job that you know ?
    thanks by advance
  • bonjour
    j'ai enfin une bonne connexion stable avec 0.93.1, je peux piloter l'imprimante avec la carte mère lerdge k depuis l'hôte repetier et aussi depuis le serveur repetier. maintenant je cherche à connecter une webcam. je possède un modèle usb connecté au raspberry pi 3b +, il ne semble pas vu par le serveur pro, j'ai essayé une autre caméra ip mais je ne peux pas me connecter, alors, pourriez-vous me dire un modèle de webcam qui est sûr pratique
    i finally get fine pictures with Chinese usb minicam via raspberry !!
    now last work i have to do is to move printer on its place on workshop
    thanks a lot for repetier host and server : finest programs !!
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