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i am using Repetier daily and have a question about the login. Often when i try to access Repetier Server i have to login to the frontend again even if i use "remember me" most times. This makes me a bit nervous.

Question 1:
Is there any way to configure the time for the "remember me" thing? How low a once stored session is kept here? When closing and opening the browser again the session is gone; when not accessed some minutes i have to login again which also happens on Android with Chrome, on Windows with Chrome and Windows with Firefox.

Question 2:
I wish to have had a personal bookmark to pass user+password or API key to be logged in. Basically this is possible to use json API things but is there any way to access the GUI the same way maybe? I came up with this idea because Repetier Server Monitor does something similar. It stores all the UUID and keys of the instances and when you want to open the printer a popup appears which automatically logs in. Does the Monitor pass some special URL with parameter values here? Tried to find the inspector of the electron app but i guess it was disabled or re-configured. I know that such bookmark could be unsecure but in my case i have so much passwords which i cannot remember because they all differ, so that this would be a great daily helper.

regards, Mario


  • 1. The session is stored in memory on server side and in local storage on browser side. So if server restarts or local storage gets cleared it will loose it's validity and you need to login again. Normally the browser side is permanent and it just fails when the server has restarted.

    2. Don't compare what monitor does. Monitor has login/password in the OS password database and starts sessions already on it's own. When it then opens a window it uses the already existing open session to prevent login. The monitor is also the easiest way to circumvent the login problem. Next release coming next week hopefully is also much better so you do not need the web gui for normal operations in 95% of your things to achieve. Lots of new tabs implementing the regular gui stuff. Mainly configuration is missing.

    But I have an idea for improved remember me. I could store login/password in localstorage instead of the session. Then I could use that to relogin without showing the login screen. Would hold a lot longer. And on logout I delete the entry again.
  • Some more testing shows that reloading deletes the session in local storage. Will check why so it lasts longer.
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