The printheads are wobbling after homing

Hello everyone! I am new here in this forum, and apologies if in case I posted in a wrong thread.
Please let me know and I will move it to the proper thread.
I would like to ask if you have experienced this problem before while connecting your laptop device (Windows) through Repetier Host to manipulate the functions/movements of the printer (e.g. such as controlling the movements of printheads to X,Y,Z direction, printing structures, rotating/editing structures, etc.).
In our experience, at first, when we try to home the axis of the printer, the printheads move smoothly and no problems.
However, when we use manual controls of Repetier Host to manually move the printheads to X, Y and Z for printbed, it seems like the printheads and/or printbed don't want to follow our commands. 
When we try to move to X axis for "once", the printheads move strangely (and wobbles sometimes) and when we move/click the Y button "once" or "twice", it moves to X without even ticking the X button yet. Another strange behavior was when we tick the Z button to move the printbed "down" just for "once", the printbed move drastically farther "up" that it came to a point that it would hit the printheads (which is dangerous). 
If in case you would like to check the video of this behavior (together with the log notes) we can also share it with you.
Log Notes:
We are out of options now why this is happening. Do you have any ideas? 
Thank you very much for your response and help in advance.


  • The log was quite useles as it only contained the ack commands. More interesting would be to know what you send as well.

    The video shows position 0,0,0 after homing that means touching the left front bed which is not the position you are at. So you have not set homing position correctly reducing in wrong interpretation. Run G28 homing and the M114 to see the coordinates. Enter these coordinates in host as homing coordinates so they make more sense. Maybe that already fixes the problem also the one y move was really strange.
  • Repetier said:
    The log was quite useles as it only contained the ack commands. More interesting would be to know what you send as well.
    That's a good point. Whenever we move to X, Y, and Z axes, no commands were showing but "only" the ACK commands, which is strange, because if you are going to check the video once more, all the checkboxes were ticked (as shown below).

    We cut the video to only show the movements "after" the successful homing process, and we believe the homing worked fine during the homing process. We are now including the video "with" the homing process for your perusal and we hope you can see the log in the video during and after the successful homing process (plus, the unexpected behavior clicking the X,Y,Z buttons).

    I also manually watched the logs during the homing process in the video above as shown below for your perusal:

    echo:enqueing "G28 X Y"
    echo:enqueing "G0 F6000"
    echo:enqueing "G0 X-081.4 Y+054.0"
    echo:enqueing "G0 Z40 F5000"
    echo:enqueing "G92 Z+040.0"
    echo:enqueing "G0 X0 Y0 F5000"
    N20 M105*21
    N21 M105*20
    N22 M105*23
    N23 M105*22
    N24 M105*17
    N25 M105*16
    N26 M105*19
    N27 M105*18
    N28 M105*29
    echo: Unknown Commands: ""
    echo: Unknown Commands: ""

    (repetitively continues to log echo: Unknown Commands: "")

    Thank you very much for your response in advance. 

  • Also, regarding your comment about G28 and M114, I guess it is already indicated in here? Or we misunderstood it?
  • You should disable ack and enable the M105 filter. These answers pollute the log output so I have no chance to read the useful informations like M114 response goes away much to fast to read it.

    Ale where do these commands come from:
    echo:enqueing "G0 X-081.4 Y+054.0"
    echo:enqueing "G0 Z40 F5000"
    echo:enqueing "G92 Z+040.0"

    especially the + sign should be omitted. G92 Z40 says where we are is Z=40. You should normally not change Z measured by printer.

    You really need to enter the coordinates after homing in host or first move will not move by the entered distance only the next move in that direction. No idea what you want to tell me with showing the sources. You need to send the gcode and use the response you get. I know that it exists.

    It also looks as if host is sending many commands without you entering anything resulting in unknown command - where you do not do anything. Are you running a print in the background to same printer?

    You can also enable logging in printer settings then it writes a log file with all communications. Might help you detect what commands get send here which is still of importance.
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