Problem with temperature readings and dual heaters

I just got my printer running and had a couple of successful prints. However, after cleaning out a clog the temperature control started acting up. Now when I heat my extruder 1 or 2, the temperature read goes up for both of them. Its wierd because they will both read different temperatures that are very close but the extruder that is off is still cold. I did not change any settings or rewire it, so I have no idea what is going on. I have also tested and confirmed that both of the sensors still work


  • Check gcode send - one command can only activate one extruder. I don't know an option selecting all so if you change only one then only one should heat actively. You also see that in temp. history in output power if you switch between them.
    Also check temperature responses (disable filtering them) there you see set temperatures and read temperatures. If they are close both go up but the inactive only a few degrees. Just like it also goes up when bed heats up the air above.
  • How would I switch to monitor the output power? Is there only supposed to be one line on the graph for 2 extruders? Also the nozzle that is off doesn't read just a little hot. If i turned extruder 1 to 180C then nozzle two reads also between 179-181C , so i don't think that it is just the air heating up especially when extruder 2 is still cold and obviously not that temperature.
  • Host only shows temp/output for active extruder. You would need repetier-server to see it for all extruders in parallel.

    Can you show the responses to temperature requests? Maybe your firmware is using a unusual format or something is wrong. If E0 and E1 temperatures differ a bit it sounds more like a firmware problem. I agree that only a few degree difference is not heating from neighbourhood except if you have a shared heating block.
  • sorry for the late response but thank you for the help. It turns out that the temperature was actually correct either from the heated air or maybe heat creep but i took out my second extruder and heated it up to clean it and the other one did not heat up this time. 
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