Dumb question - how to connect repetier-server monitor to repetier server?

I haven't printed anything for a few months.  Everything was working and connecting OK when I stopped.

Tonight, I fired up the printer, turned on the Pi and connected it to the network.  But when I turned on Repetier-Server Monitor, it's not seeing any servers.

The Pi is connected to the network via wifi and my Mac is now hardwired to the modem.  They used to both operate on wifi, but I found the connection extremely slow and unreliable.

So... I changed the filament using the Pi screen, so I know everything is working at the printer end.  But I can't remember what I did to connect the Mac to the Pi...

I apologise in advance for my limited knowledge.


  • OOps.  Problem solved.  The Pi wasn't connecting to the network.  I had to reboot it.  Now everything is sweet.

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