SET STATIC IP on 0.93.1

Hi all!

i'm trying to set the IP Address as Static on My raspberry. I have tried to do this in wlan/cable connection but when in this tab i cannot set other option rather than the Automatic DHCP acquisition of the IP address.

When i click on manual i cannot change the address nor any other option.

could you please provide some help? I need this feature when printing via VPN connection in my office, since my user profile re-routes to a specific IP address (i.e.

thank you in advance!



  • Easiest way is to bind the ip to the mac address of the network device (wlan0/eth0), so all gets set via dhcp.

    For wifi you go to router select IPv4 settings and you can add an additional ip. Make sure it is not in range DHCP uses. Then hit connect and you should get the extra ip.

    For ethernet you must provide in ethernet tab all 3 parameter and make sure to set up with network mask. /24 means Upon save it should then tell NetworkManager to use these settings.

    Also note in connection settings you defined a host name. As a result with most os you can simply use
    and it will get ip automatically.
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