Repetier won't wait for bed to cool down?

According to Gcode Marlin Docs if I need the printer to wait when bed cooling I use the code "M190 R40". This tells it to wait until the bed temperature has reached 40C before continuing any other code. But Repetier just skips this line and does not wait. Do you know why that is?


  • Thanks for pointing me to the new R parameter. Host does not know it so will not show the temperature change directly but should get it from temperature responses. It will not block it, so question is why do you think we skip it? Did you create a log and saw it was not send?
    Make sure each line is closed by a return and it should get send.
  • I've noticed this also, as I used the 'R' Parameter to wait until the hotend cooled down and then triggered my Tasmota Device to shut off the printer. When using the same gcode and and 'after print finishes' execute command it wouldnt wait for cool down uses the command instantly.
  • Yes, repetier-firmware has no R parameter. Use M109  if you need to wait - after all that is the difference to M104 anyway. Works only for temperatures > MAX_ROOM_TEMPERATURE - for colder temperatures cooling will be skipped.
  • M109 will only wait for heating without the 'R' Parameter... So how can I prevent the printer from being shut down too early? 

    M109 [B<temp>] [F<flag>] [R<temp>] [S<temp>] [T<index>]



    With AUTOTEMP, the max auto-temperature.


      Autotemp flag. Omit to disable autotemp.


        Target temperature (wait for cooling or heating).


          Target temperature (wait only when heating). Also AUTOTEMP: The min auto-temperature.


            Hotend index. If omitted, the currently active hotend will be used.

          • M109 S50
            would wait for 50°C. At that there is no risk disabling extruders normally. After that add
            M104 S0
            to disable it completely.
            Problem is it will still heat and start swinging around 50°C.

            Alternatively do
            M104 S0
            G4 S300 ; Wait 5 minutes for cooldown

            Adjust delay to time your extruder needs for cooling down.
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