Repetier Host will not load gcode files

Hi All, I need to use some advanced features such as modifiers either in Cura or Prusa that you cannot access directly from Repetier settings. So I slice directly in Cura or Prusa and then export the gcode. However when I try load the gcode files in Repetier, they refuse to load?? (no slicing display, no code in viewer etc), They reload fine in the original slicer programs. I can load the original stl files in Repetier and they display and slice fine. I have tried small and large file sizes. The problem seems to be sporadic as I managed load one or two files before but now - a no go all the time and it's driving me crazy?


  • Never had that problem. You might have filament visualization disabled, but gcode would still show up in editor. Except if you use the wrong load button. Use th eone in gcod eeditor or in toolbar. In object placement it can only load stl/3mf ... files.
  • Has anyone had this issue before? The SD card works fine If I manually insert it in my computer, save the gcode, and replace the SD card in the printer; it's purely an issue with Repetier being unable to read/send the gcode file.
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