Monitoring a Duet (RepRap fw) in Repetier Server

edited May 2020 in General
Hello everyone, I'm configuring a Duet as new printer via tcp/ip to get advantages from Repetier Server. I've a doubt about sending g-codes to printer. Are they sent from repetier, during the printing job, or Repetier sends g-code at start and then the duet executes the job?


  • TCP/Ip and serial over USB work identical and get send line by line for execution. That is the only way we can react on responses during print process and e.g. control pause. With ethernet connected duet this is no problem. With wlan it might loose connection if wlan disconnects. I hope for next release to add a new kind of reconnect here so that it just continues print after reconnect.
  • Thanks, I didn't mind to this aspect.
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