Error in Repetier when converting to gcode

Good Morning. Forgive my English, but it is a text automatically translated.

I have a problem. I have installed Repetier-Host 2.1.6 on my computer. I think I have configured it correctly for my Prusa i3, but when trying to laminate it with Slicer, I get this error:


10:25:18.415 : Preferred name from endstop_x to endstop_x

10:25:18.766 : <Slic3r> Invalid extrusion width (too large)


My operating system is Windows 10, 64bits

I cannot solve the problem. Can anybody help me?

Thanks for the attention and help

(How are the images uploaded?)


  • <Slic3r> Invalid extrusion width (too large)
    is the key. You have set explicit extrusion width in slic3r and that is limited depending on set nozzle width. Not sure what the exact limit is but for 0.4mm nozzle you should not exceed 0.6 I think. Your value for one of the width exceeds this 150% limit.
  • Perfect. Thanks so much for the help. It took me a while to locate the exact point, but I did it. Now it works perfectly. The tutorial that followed was from a previous version and in the new version there are instructions that were not in the previous one. Hence the error.
    Thank you very much again.
    Best regards.
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