Where are the config files with "End g-code" hidden? ;-)

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After each script execution, my installation of Repetier-Host adds the following 3 lines of code:
     line1=>  M104 T0 S0
     line2=>  M140 S0
     line3=>  G1 X135.00 Y0.00 F4800.000
It is clear what the code does but I want to modify it so these lines are not executed each time I run a script.
These three lines are not in the Editable "End Code" Script.
Neither are these lines in the /Applications/Repetier-Host-Mac.app/Contents/Resources/defaultAppend.gcode file.
I deleted the app and tried deleting all configuration files before re-installing the Repetier-Host app. When that did not help I used:
    grep -r "G1 X135"  various_directories
... in terminal to find the file that contains parts of the three lines. Unfortunately, that did not work either.
I'm looking forward to understanding where I could find these settings.
Thanks for your help.


  • I think that is the default slic3r end gcode that gets added because you have no end script defined there. Same happens at start where it adds heatup if nothing is defined.
  • Repetier said:
    I think that is the default slic3r end gcode that gets added because you have no end script defined there. Same happens at start where it adds heatup if nothing is defined.
    Thanks, I checked that as well, assuming the same as you suggested, but it gets added after the user-specified "End Code" Script. I will check this again and look at slic3r in more detail. Does the user-specified script make use of the slic3r for their execution as it added to each script it seems? 
    What I struggle with is the X value as it needs to know how wide the printer bed is. The X135 can not just be a random value so where is it calculated. I'm new to this and in the discovery phase of how 3D printing works.
    Thanks a lot for your help.
  • That is a good question where it comes from. If you slice is it in that generated gcode altready? If so you know it comes from slicer, otherwise you have it in host end script or if you use repetier-server to print in the end gcode of that.
  • Very good point, the scripts are sent directly, no slicing so slic3r is not involved.
    So logic once you think of it. Thanks for pointing that out.
    So it should be by the Repetier-host app itself. I do not use Repetier-server yet.
    • So if not in the Editable "End Code" Script and 
    • and in the /Applications/Repetier-Host-Mac.app/Contents/Resources/defaultAppend.gcode file
    where else could such code be stored?
    Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  • Found it. It is in Printer Settings->Behaviour. There you have activated Disable extruder, disable bed and go to dispose position after job/kill. Which are exactly the 3 lines you send and also has X 135 as default position.
  • You are a star, thanks so much for spotting that. I wanted to add an illustration for newbies like me to better understand which settings you are referring to but was not sure how to do that. Instead, I added a link to the illustration in the Repetier manual below with some explanation in case it helps anybody else.
    Thank you so much for your help. It is much appreciated.

    settings referred to by Repetier are:
    [ ] Go to dispose after job/job kill
    [ ] Disable extruder after job/job kill
    [ ] Disable heated bed after job/job kill
    All three need to be unmarked to avoid these lines being added to any script being executed.
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