Simple way to switch between multiple printers running on server.

Just wondered if it would be possible to make it easier to switch between printers when using Repetier Server.
I have a Pi3 running Server with two printers attached and although I can disconnect and re-connect to each printer separately it would be useful to have a simple toggle/pulldown where you could select the printer you are wanting to work with and have the printer identification displayed either in the toolbar or somewhere prominent so you can check which printer is currently active via Host.
Certainly make things much easier than the current method where I have to do a few different checks to confirm which printer I'm connected to each time I come to the PC.
Even if it was a method of displaying the currently connected printer's name somewhere visible it would be advantageous.




  • In host this is not possible - every printer is an individual entry and you need to close/select next. If you want to monitor and switch easily use the Repetier-Server gui or if you like apps more and have a pro version use Repetier-Server Monitor for this, which can even switch as you want between different servers and has a status screen for all printers as well.
  • That's fine, but using multiple printers it makes it awkward to figure out at a glance which printer is currently connected.
    I understand you can only connect to one printer at a time, I just feel it would be useful to have the currently printer name listed somewhere on the interface.
    I've used the Repetier-Server GUI quite a lot but I use Host to set up and send the prints to the server so now having multiple printers it would be handy to be able to see at a glance which printer Host is currently connected to.
  • You see the connected printer in the bottom left corner in host. It is important that you have one connection for each printer in host and not switching the printers in printer connection! To add a new printer config just change the name at the top and hit apply.
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