Wont Start with USB plugged in.

OK, Pi works fine with Octoprint, But I kinda liking Repetier better in some ways. anyway, got it all up and running, but any time I go to start up the Pi/Printer, Repetier wont start up with the printer plugged in.  Unplug printer, fire up PI, everything fine, plug in printer then, connects/works fine.  restart, wont go till I unplug the printer again.  not a power thing, I Checked all that, the Pi uses a "PI" power supply. Go back to Octoprint and no issues.  I know everyone's going to say it's the PI or a power thing but it works fine with Octoprint which is generally more finicky about power.  and the printer is on so it's not drawing off the PI to power the printer. Oh and if power off on printer and fire up with plugged in it fires right up.  So "likely" not a hardware thing. I'm thinking there is some setting I'm missing in the confg somewhere? 


  • Power issues are easy to exclude. If you run in console
    vcgencmd get_throttled
    and it returnes 0x0 you had no power problem since start. Next release has even a monitor to show such problems.

    But it is the first time I hear about a printer preventing preventing start up. So first question is, is it usb connection or real serial connection?
    Also you say repetier does not start. Does linux start then? Can you login using ssh?
    If server runs can be tested with
    ps aux | grep tier
    If it really does not start try
    sudo /usr/local/Repetier-Server/bin/RepetierServer -c /usr/local/Repetier-Server/etc/RepetierServer.xml
    and see until where it starts. Maybe we know more then otherwise we need a harder test to see what is going on.
  • noting start, can't do anything PI doesn't fire up at all.. does the whole blinking light thing,.. seems to be loading/starting, but never finishes it seems, just sorta stops, why I'm thinking there is a setting I can't find where it's looking for something during start up on the USB it's not finding so it waits/stops... just guessing here though.  

    USB to printer, seems like it anything is plugged into USB the PI just stops, but again, works fine under Octo, so only change it the SD card/firmware/OS or what ever... ? 
  • OK, def something with card/OS/setting/install..., took another printers PI/Repetier SD card and switched and it works fine with the other SD card/OS.  Think I'll just clone the other card, but kinda strange.. want me to copy image on card and send to ya?  I'm guessing I screwed something in a setting somewhere... but what? 

  • When linux does not start up it is not really a server problem. And as it works with the other card I guess I don't need the content. Sounds like a defect on sd card maybe and most likely nothing I can change. So hope a new clone works then.
  • yup.. just cloned the working SD card, imaged it to the other card, working now... kinda strange!  ?!?  
  • Strange errors often come from unseen problems like a sd defect or full disk that causes following functions to fail. Still strange that you could connect afterwards - would expect it be the same function that handles it on bootup. But sometimes a new image is best help as you will never know what is happening.
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