Qidi Tech X-MAX

Hi there.

I am very interested in the Qidi Tech X-MAX. The printer does not have a USB Port that can be connected to the Raspberry. But on the Mainboard inside the printer there is a UART connector where a USB Converter could be connected via cable. Now the question is: Is Repetier-Server compatible to the printer, since the printer does have Marlin Firmware. Has anyone made xperience with this?


  • Server is compatible with Marlin. If it has a 3.3V UART you can even connect it directly to pi serial TX/RX pins. Make sure RX is connected to TX and vice versa and you also need same mass potential. Then /dev/ttypAMA0 would be serial to connect to.

    But also note that this requires that Marlin was configured with that uart as serial - if not nothing will happen here. 
    And of course wrong wiring can damage hardware.
  • Thanks for that competent answer. That helps.
  • Thanks for that competent answer. That helps.

    Hi FriesenRudi - did you succeed in getting the X-Max connected to the Raspi/RepetierServer ? and how did you do that ? I am considering to buy a X-Plus, but just understand that they have some kind of proprietery firmware installed, PrusaSlicer won't work and stuff like that - that makes me wonder...

  • Hi Manfredo1962. I read at different places, that ProsaSlicer would work. I did not check that on my own. To get the Qidi X-MAX connected to Repetier Server will be a project for November. I will let you know.
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