Printproblem Repetier Server dont recives the Temperatures


I have from 2 Weeks on the problem that Repetier Server miss the temperatures.


Windows PC -> Connected with USB Cable (2m) to the Printer (ANET A8 Firmware SKYNET 2.3.2)

Attached 1 webcam set up with Yawcam

1 Run out sensor (raspberry pi)

Problems until now:

Start of the PC (automatic start of the service from Repetier Server and Yawcam) - Printer is running on start (Printer temp: HB - 60, HE 200 (displayed on the screen of the printer) - Repetier server temp (HB - 0, HE 200). Restart o the printer → Same problem again, restart of the PC and the temperature was found now.

So the next test first start the PC then the Printer: Same problem as before only way to solve is to restart the windows PC (or the service) again.

Until now it was not a big problem, because i know the problem and how to solve.

But from today on I have become a bigger issue because this problem occurs also if i make a longer print (today print of 6 hours) one of the other moment the HB temperature was put to 0 on the Repetier server (Print stop). On the printer was again 60. The only way to solve was to restart the Service on the PC.

I don't know before 1 month all is working fine and until now nothing changed on printer and PC side.

Has you an idea what I can check or how i can solve this problem?

If you need more information let me know.

Thank You



  • Please enable logging in printer context menu and start a print where it works at the beginning. Please also note at which time the temperature does not work any more.
    Server extracts temperature from temperature response which ideally contains current AND set temperature. That is default on most firmwares. Looks like
    T: 198 /200 @:88 B: 59 /60 @B:20

    os similar. If the firmware has changed sending it differently or uses same names for other values this can confuse server. But that should be visible in the log. Use dropbox or similar for providing the log. 

  • Hi Repetier, I have sen dyou a messege with the informations.
    Same problem today after restart of the service was al fine. Before no Temperature set on the server. I have made yesterday a bigger print here was all working. I dont know how was the situation last time tat also in the print out the error ocures.

    Thank You
  • Please check your messages for answer.
  • Hi Repetier, sry for the dalay, i was not able to controll the solutions last weeks. Now I,ve checked them but in each way I attached the jumber nothing happens (no change of the error). An additional information: I have now bought a new Printer and set it up (ANET A8 Plus) but here the same problem.

    Board actually used on The ANET A8:

    Anet A8 V1.7

    Thank You

  • Had another look at your connection.log - looks like it sends the default data on connect and then nothing else gets send. So make sure firmware is Marlin and check different values for DTR/RTS - seems like your board might us eit for flow control blocking messages. Then only the correct combination of high/low causes commands and answers to be received.
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