Orange annoying message - Non-manifold - worse interface

Hi, I downloaded the new version of Repetier, 
¿What happenned with the last interface? It downgraded, Now each time I have an object non-manifold, but able to be sliced in Repetier, I have repeated the orange annoying message all over the list, and then I cannot handle such way, Why does not appear like older versions, where info were displayed when you click on them?

Also I consider a downgrade to have Scale, rotate and cut into other buttons, why not all displayed at once? It is much more comfortable on professional use. I think you must not make such changes, think about how many clicks you need to do if you work with 3D files wich you want to place, scale, rotate...

As well, I consider an upgrade to have the objects centered. This is a good thing.


  • It all depends on the computer you are using. If you have a small display you would like it, that the new interface does not put everything on the screen at once. Even with my 21" Monitor I had to scroll with the old interface, and now I don't have to and we could still add new function without missing the space.

    Not sure what you mean with your center command. Objects are centered by default and there is a center command in the editor.
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