Heat extruder won’t reach default temperature

I originally set my extruder default temperature at 215 but it doesn’t heat up past 200 so I have adjusted this to 200 now but every time I want to start a print, it still says the default heat is 215. How do I sort this out.
I have uninstalled the program and reinstated but its the same.
Please help, I want to print ????


  • When you slice an object the slicer normally defines temperature and sets it there. So you need to change the temperature in Filament description and reslice using that filament to get a new version with that temperature.

    You should check in temperature view how high the output is. When you say 220 and it is all 100% and does not go over 200 that heater can not go higher. If it is not 100% then firmware is limiting it.
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