Randomly stop printing

I've a problem with a Jgaurora A5 (not 5s). The printer randomly stop during printing with repetier server. Last original firmware. I attached the log file:


  • Is this on a pi? Then check here: https://www.repetier-server.com/knowledgebase/undervoltage-and-throtteling-of-pi/

    Also check server.log if it stops due to usb disconnect. But undervoltage on pi is the typical reason for this problem.
  • Yes. Tanks as soon as possible check the log file (/var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs/server.log).
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    I started having this issue as well (FLSUN printer, MKS Gen L board with Marlin 1.1.9 and TFT32) after some successful prints (identical g-code). I suspected the display. My last 4 or 5 prints failed in the middle. The head was frozen either fully (which ended the print) or temporarily, got clogged and a part of the print was missing. I disconnected the display yesterday and the same model printed without any problems. With Repetier server, I think the display is not necessary. 

    Is it possible that the display or its wiring could disrupt the communication? I suspected the display because when I operated the printer from the display and R-S, it sometimes stopped reacting either on the display or on the R-S commands.

    Edit: On my FLSUN QQ-S I have had no problems like that.
  • Just removing the display does not change a thing software wise. Chromium is still running. What changes is that a big power user was removed making your power more stable. And since that is known to cause connection problems/hangs it might have helped in this case.
  • I understand that. This is a chinese printer where the display unit is sending GCodes to the printer from an SD card. I think it also might be disrupting the serial communication when using both the display (e.g. to set temperature or move axes before starting the print) and Repetier Server to send the Gcodes. The display shows the temperatures even when printing from the server.

    To have a display on the printer is now redundant since I can monitor everything I need from the server via a phone, so I will just keep it disconnected unless I will need to print from an SD card.
  • Ok. I thought you meant the display on the pi. 
    2 sides talking over serial can in deed give problems. Especially if one side does not see the changes. So best only to use one of them.
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