Extruder Numbering Confusion

I have recently re-flashed my Da Vinci Duo 2.0 with the Repetier firmware.  While I have been able to print out some objects, the numbering of the extruders is not intuitive.  The printer's menu refers to the "RIGHT" and "LEFT" extruders which make sense.  But the Host software refers to "Extruder 1" and "Extruder 2", and when I initially connect to the printer using the Host, I can see the command "SelectExtruder:0".  So which is which?  And how do I control which extruder will be used to print an object?


  • Commands to set extruder are T0 and T1 so firmware starts counting with 0 which is not intuitive. So host starts at 1. But commands show the firmware order of course.
    If you sliced for single extruder it will use the currently active extruder. For setups with multiple extruders you assign the extruder in object placement with the dropdown. Note that with CuraEngine you must use extruder 1 to be able to use also second extruder.
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