Multiple printer profiles via Server

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I installed the server and everything works perfectly with a single printer. I installed a second printer amd I think I do not understand the way to select printer profiles. When I had the printers via serial port/usb, I selected the printer profile and could switch easily between the two.

When I connect them to the server, I select server connection and then the printer below in the drop down list - but it does not change the name shown on the screen for the printer. I need to push the Load from server button to actually load the settings for the printer.

Is there a way to set up the profiles so that they can be selected from the drop down list directly as it was with the serial connection? Thanks!

Edit: I have three printers now. One i3 clone with smaller bed and 0.3 mm nozzle. One i3 clone with larger bed and 0.5 mm nozzle, a larger nozzle will be installed when it arrives. Then a Flsun QQ-S with standard 0.4 mm nozzle. Each need different slicing profiles - these I can handle by Slic3r or Cura profiles. It would be handy if each printer could remember the last profiles used and even better, have separate slicer profiles for each printer, so it would be easier not to select the wrong profile.


  • If I understand it correctly on server side you have no problem but in host you only have one Profile.
    Creating a new Profile is ease - change the profile name and save. Then you have 2 Profiles and select the new one, assign it the new server with the other printer profile. Then you can switch with the connect button by selecting the correct profile.
  • Thanks. Now I see where the mistake was - I had the printer connected and I was changing the settings in one profile. Now I have it correct.
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