Slic3r / SlicerPE both really slow feed rates ?

ive been using the Cura slicer all the time - no issues - homed in the speeds and works nice - but is old and missing some new features, so thought i should try the Slic3r PE edition,

but when i configure Slic3r with the same printer/filament/extruder settings and try to print, the x/y/z feed rates are incredibly slow. If i slice again with cura - its still really slow (like the Slic3r has adjusted the firmware feedrates?) i then have to a power reset on the printer before i can get Cura to work back at its nippy speeds agains. - any ideas why Slic3r is running so slow ?


  • Check if it adds a M220 command which adjusts speed rate to a multiplier. Only reason I can think of you get also slow in cura. 
    For me it was never slow - it always had the speed defined in speed section of the print definition.
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