Touch Screen Interface Separate Home X/Y and Z


it would be great when the Touch Screen Interface have two separate Buttons for Homing X/Y and Z in Movement.

When i cancel a Job e.g. a Temp Tower and want to move the Hotend away, it don`t want to home Z.



  • You can add additional commands in printer settings->gcodes which appear in printer commands.
    You can also add
    G28 X0 Y0
    in the gcode stop event so it gets executed automatically every time you stop.
  • After using this Methode a while, splitting home all to XY and z makes in my oppinion more sense. Using home all makes absolutely no sense, except when trying if the printer homes correctly.
  • Homing makes only really sense when you enabled the printer and position is unknown. Maybe xy when you changed filament and there is a chance you moved position. In all other cases a move to the correct position is faster. Especially for stop/end of print I always add a G1 move to the paring position so I can remove object best.
  • But Klipper forgets the position every time the motor are disabled. And this happens really quickly. So homing is a task that i use really often.
  • Not a klipper user so never have that problem. You could try increasing the timeout for motors. But I see your point. Will see if I see a solution, but touchscreen must also work on small screens so space is a rare thing.
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