Repetier is throttling down my extruder temperature

I have a problem where my set temperature is 210C. Repetier shows this on the Temperature Curve graph and says "TargetExtr0:210" in the Log. I can see in the Output Extruder graph, the software gives full output power to the Extruder until it reaches around 203C. After that, I can see in the Output Extruder graph, the software throttles down the output power to about 60% and holds it steady there. Because of that, the temperature just sits on 203-204C and my print never starts because the temperature never reaches 210C

What would cause this behavior?


  • At the beginning it gives full power until you reach control range, there it starts controlling temperature with your set parameter. Most likely you setting for this is too low.

    /** \brief The maximum value, I-gain can contribute to the output.

    A good value is slightly higher then the output needed for your temperature.
    Values for starts:
    130 => PLA for temperatures from 170-180 deg C
    180 => ABS for temperatures around 240 deg C

    The precise values may differ for different nozzle/resistor combination.
     Overridden if EEPROM activated.
  • You may be on the right track here, but there are a few things I need clarified about your suggestion.

    Are you referring to the "Extr. 1 PID drive max" value I see in the Firmware EEPROM settings? If so, it looks like this value is currently set to 150.

    You said a good value should be slightly higher than the output, but in your examples, the suggested value is lower than the needed output temperatures...???
  • Yes, that is PID Drive max in eeprom. The value is no temperature, it is a value between 0 and 255. What you need largely depends on your extruder. Some go to 250 with 120 and others need 255 to get there. So if you limit to 150 and it stops you might need 200 there. A bit more is no problem and may even be good for fater prints. Static holding needs less power then active printing.
  • That did it! THANKS!
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