Extruder 2 does not appear on the slicer tab for Slic3r engine

Hi, I can't tell if this is a bug or I'm missing something. When I use the Slic3r engine and have configured the slic3r printer settings that there are 2 extruders which both show up in the Slic3r settings, the 2nd extruder does not show up in the Repetier panel. The sliced G-Code seems to still be created correctly and i can assign the object to use the 2nd extruder, but I cannot see or select it from the Slicer tab.
Snapshot of Repetier Host and Slic3f screens
I should note that I am using a dual extruder, single hot end nozzle setup.


  • In host printer settings->extruder set that you have 2 extruders and host will show 2 selectors.
  • Hi, I do have 2 extruders selected in the host print settings. However, i see now where the problem is coming from. The 2nd extruder goes away if the check box "Printer has a Mixing Extruder (one nozzle for all colors)" is checked. I don't know what the intent was but i read that as fitting my machine. I only have one temperature control for the hot end but two motors to control for different materials for the filament extruders. So that's two colors/materials driven independently, but a single hot end nozzle that they mix in and print out of. I still have two independent extruders motors driving two different filaments so it seems like the 2nd extruder option should still be available.
  • You have not a mixing extruder, you have a shared heater. So yes 2 independent extruders for the host to get that functionality.
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