Hotend temperature can not be set - NaN (not a number)

sometimes i access the repetier server frontend and if i want to start to heatup hotend this is not possible. If i click on the rotating bar it just shows NaN. Refreshing the page helps because then most times it works normally. I dont know what this causes. Is this behaviour already known or is there some known reason?

regards, Mario


  • Not a known problem. Normally it contains set temperature which we get from firmware. That temperature is read from M105 responses which you can see in console. That is the /0 part after the current temperature.
    I just checked if it could be read that way from printer if response there would contain NaN as set temperature, but it tests for being a number and would ignore it.

    Do you have any errors in console if that happens? Which browser are you using here? And also when that happens what do the temperatures in sidebar show as set temperature? They use the same variable normally.
  • Hi,
    i did the following screenshots for you. Maybe it has to do with the active/standby/off state of the hotend. I am totally not sure.

    1 asd2 asd3
  • If you disable M105 filtern what does the firmware response look like?

    The marked error in javascript console is not related. But firmware might change response when heater is off to something causing the error, also it should not be possible. But you never know.
  • Hi,

    there is no special output between the lines when clicking on hotend :-( And it just does not happen anything. As pointed out refreshing page mostly helps. After refreshing there is not  adifference in the console output but the hotend heating will work because NaN turns to 0°C. Then i can drag the temperature to something like 200 °C.
    16:29:19.477: N340092 M105
    16:29:20.482: N340093 M105
    16:29:21.486: N340094 M105
    16:29:22.496: N340095 M105
    16:29:23.504: N340096 M105
    16:29:24.513: N340097 M105
    16:29:25.519: N340098 M105
    16:29:26.525: N340099 M105
    16:29:27.532: N340100 M105
    16:29:28.540: N340101 M105
    16:29:28.727: N340102 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:29.291: N340103 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:29.477: N340104 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:29.541: N340105 M105
    16:29:29.604: N340106 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:29.770: N340107 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:29.937: N340108 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:30.062: N340109 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:30.415: N340110 M104 S0 T0
    16:29:30.550: N340111 M105
    16:29:31.558: N340112 M105

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