Start GCODE is ignored

I'm running 2.1.6 on a Windows 10 PC. I've added customer start GCODE in both Config > Printer Settings > Scripts > Start GCODE
and in the Slic3r settings (from the Slicer tab, Configuration > Settings > Printer settings > Custom G-code > typoe in the fields.
Both are entirely ignoredl the GCODE displayed in the Gcode editor after slicing does not include the start GCODE and does include some start code whose origin I cannot find; a search of Repetiere's program directory on my PC does not find it in any file.

I'm sure that I'm selecting the appeopriate profile and printer names.

I'd appreciate any help you can offer with this.



  • Apologiers I am a moron. I had printer settings set to "My Settings" but I made the start code in the "Ender 3 profile".  Still - shouldn't it have pulled in the start GCODE in from Repetiere Host's Printer Settings?
  • Nope. I'm wrong on that too. Kill Me Now.
  • The hosts start/end gcode is never included in gcode. It just gets send before and after the loaded gcode gets send. It is more for extra commands you need for the printer but can be entirely empty if slicer scripts contain it, whcih is the normal way to include them anyway.
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