Different color/header or custom picture or icon for each printer

Now printers looks the same.

Need to add picture to each printer or change header color for example.

For example 2 printers print and one have print error - need to cancel print. We can stop other printer by mistake because they look the same


  • Header color already has a meaning so is no option. I guess you mean in home screen where you have all together?

    For an image I see no good position to integrate. But if you have a good idea please let me know. I also always have to check where the printer is I search so I kinda like the idea, just no idea how to integrate it without disturbing the view.
  • Own css for each printer for example. What the problem to load css checking printer name?
  • Users don't understand css in general.
    But the question still is where to put the color? Header is not an option - here color has already a meaning.
  • Printer name for example or topbar background.
  • For which gui are you talking here - web gui or touch frontend?

    For web gui text color is no option - looks bad with different colors or colors are all close to white to be readable on several background colors. But I keep thinking of it and if I see a solution implement it.
  • I use RS at my PC with mouse :)
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