Set z offset 3d printer

Hello, I installed the bltouch on my printer and when I try to do the calibration of the plate I can't say that after disabling the endstops with M211 S0 the Z axis, however, I can't make it go below 0 as ever, with octoprint I don't this was happening


  • Server will not go outside print area to protect print. However you can send
    G1 Z-1
    in console if you like and firmware accepts this.
  • Ok but when printing starts with the z offset set at -2.00 mm the z axis does not go below the 0 found by the calibration with bl-touch, is this also blocked by the repetier server?
  • That sound like you are doing something wrong. Especially with z probe there is never a need to go below 0. If you need to your firmware is not set up correctly. You define the height between nozzle and bed when z probe triggers such that homing makes z=0 very close at the bed, just how you need it for printing. That is how it is done and then you do not need tricks to solve errors from wrong calibration of firmware settings.
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