Extruder temp resets after changing filament at pause print

1) Print part
2) Press Pause
3) Replace filament via RS-menu
4) Press Resume
5) Got reset target temp!!!! (Need fast set target temp or print will be failed)


  • Support is dead here? They want money for zero supported soft???
  • Sorry I missed this thread. Especially since it is in deed a bug. Problem is the finished button that sets the temperature to original temperature which wasn't set so is 0. Do not hit that button, just leave the filament function and all is ok. For next update this is fixed.
  • If I switch to "print tab" I got switching extruder off too!!!
  • You are right. It sets the not set temperature back in any case. So you need to upgrade to next release. You can already use the linux beta by changing the version in download link to 0.93.2 - I think last compile uploaded already contains the fix. But it will be published soon anyway. Already rechecking all mods and working on last known kinks.
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