M73 commands

do you have to activate something in repetier-server,
so that M73 commands are sent to the printer?

my printer understand M73 commands, but shows only 0%.



  • For marlin we strip M73 from gcode and send it during print computed by repetier-server. Reason is to have same time computation in server and on display. We have tested this with a Prusa MK3 wich also supports M73. Please compare if it is the same value as shown in server gui for progress.
  • I´ve a question on that. Do i need to activate something in the configuration? My LCD Display shows always 0% and i am runnning Marlin 2.0.6. Thanks. 
  • I just tested it after activating it in marlin.
    M73 P50 shows bar with 50% when I send it manually.
    What is missing currently is in the print start scrip
    to start measuring time. The M77 to stop it is already present.

    Here what I set to make it work in configuration_adv.h

    // Add an 'M73' G-code to set the current percentage

    // Show the E position (filament used) during printing
    //#define LCD_SHOW_E_TOTAL

    #define PRINT_PROGRESS_SHOW_DECIMALS // Show progress with decimal digits
    #define SHOW_REMAINING_TIME // Display estimated time to completion
    #define USE_M73_REMAINING_TIME // Use remaining time from M73 command instead of estimation
    //#define ROTATE_PROGRESS_DISPLAY // Display (P)rogress, (E)lapsed, and (R)emaining time
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