Resume after failure doesn't work at all

Good morning, I've installed repetier server on Raspy connected to my printed based on firmware MK4DUO.
The resume print after failure doesn't work at all. When the printer loses the power, when it resumes on the repetier page I see the option to resume the print, I choose the last known position, I reheat the nozzle and the bed, it appears the message that the gcode is re executed but nothing moves on the printer....What am I doing wrong?


  • This does not work on all printers. If e.g. your printer moves only after homing you would need to home first, which is not possible if you need to home to bed as unfinished build would block the homing. If you can move without homing you can home XY at connect and set Z using G92 Zxxx so that would be a case where it works. Also all printer homing to z max direction should work.
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