Serious bugs with movement/positioning

context: i'm using repetier host 2.1.6 and repetier firmware 1.0.4 (or was it 1.4, dont remember now).

occasionally, especially after a print is finished, the host would completely go crazy and if i click to move an axis it would do something extremely wrong. no matter what i do (restart printer, disconnect and reconnect) i must have to close and reopen repetierhost for it to be functional again.

this was random and usually just after printing so it never made that big of a deal for me, until now.

i just experienced a catastrophic failure: in the middle of a print, i got a jam. happens. i stopped the print (print was running from sd but i had repetierhost connected) and went to move Z up. and it happened. instead of going up it went down, and brutally crashed into the part and squashed the bed completely down. now i have to assess the damage.

it's got to be fixed before it destroys somebody's machine


  • sd printing is the reason I guess. Host does not know extruder position when you print over sd card. Moves then are coordinate wise based on last known position from host plus change. So if host thinks you are at z = 0 and sd print is at z = 70 then +10 means 0+10 = 10 and not 80. I guess I should add a M114 when print gets paused/finished to read last position. Not always a safe idea but should help in these cases.
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    but i usually print through host and usb, and the bug happens sometimes. also, it would be really nice to have the host read the printer echo back gcode so the host can visualize the progress and know where the nozzle is...
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    i've just finished the print that failed yesterday, again from sdcard with host connected. note that i homed from host before starting the print.

    the print finished and then the host basically caught up the x y z position (i saw the correct coordinates), but if i raise or lower Z by say, 10mm, it would instead just go up like 60-70mm (judging by eye). something is definitely very very wrong there.
  • It is never possible to visualize sd card prints. Hosts will never know what printer does.

    But it is odd that host shows correct coordinates and then moves wrong. There are ways to fool host with G92 and maybe switching in between to relative coordinates. But slicers normally move in absolute coordinates and use G92 only for extruder.
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