Firmware Error Handling


dont know if this question is already discussed here in forum, so sorry if that already answered.

I have some printers running Marlin with Repetier Server. One of them have sporadically thermal runaways. Must change the thermal sensor. But my focus is about firmware error handling by repetier server, if its the case.

Example: If an thermal runaway occurs, is it makeable to react with an action in repetier server - e.g. execute an script if however marlin firmware stopped working?

Repetier Server reports an Firmware stopped message within the UI. But would like to execute a script on this event, can you advice me a little - maybe with response to event with an @execute command?

The other problem is, even if i can get this way to manage the events, repetier server dont seems to log the output from the firmware stopped printer, despite having activated this. Littlebit confused, cause must create an regex for string matching firmware event - i think



  • Logging is enabled for next print always. It is in printer context menu->logs. There after print you also should see the full log of communication for the last 4-5 prints.

    In printer configuration->g-code->advanced you can define regular expression for a response and set a script to be executed when detected. Can be g-code and server commands like @execute.

    The message you mentioned reacts on seeing M999 in response.
  • Thanks, yes - every print have a log - excluded that failed prints that marlin stopped cause of thermal runaway.

  • Need to check the log on abort. But I'm not aware of having programmed that it does not get stored. I mean in that case it is the most important.
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