im stumped

I just invested in a geeetech me creator and it worked fine.... once ..... I have downloaded so much software and things that its crazy ... the sli3e is not working I cant slice the stl file to produce g code... it says that the g code cant be found . if someone has some input on the trouble shooting of this topic... Im not a computer wizz but have used and set up mach 3 on my home made cnc mill... this is just frustrating ... ive been working on this for about 18 hours straight .. I really need some help.. 


  • You should do as the not found message says. Open log and see what error message slic3r created that explains why it failed to slice. Then you know why and can change it. Typical layer height is too high which can prevent slicing.
  • Im not shure what happened but its working now.. but thanks for the info...

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