Seeking printer configuration tutorial for Da Vinci 2.0a Duo flash with Repetier-Firmware-0.92

I just flashed my printer, I installed Repetier-Host, Repetier-Server, but I'm a bit lost now, I'm not sure how to configure my printer, I did a first try, my print is back In the mailbox, but it lasted 1/1000 of a second. Could you give me the procedure to follow to get started with all this please?

Thank you for your help, Tchicken.


  • I specify that I am French and not very good in English ... Thank you Google translation ;)
  • Did you read the manual in server? I know it is english. It is also available online so you can use it on translator.
  • Hello,
    Thank you for this comment, yes I did it in part and that is why I post here, just to have some informations that could guide me either in the manual, or on other explanations more targeted compared to my Printer.
    Sincerely, Tchicken.
  • But your question is too general. If you say what your problem is I can give you an answer. For general information we have the manual. Normally it is just walking through the add printer wizard answering the questions correctly and printer is connected to server and ready to print.
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    I'm a bit advanced ... When I go into the printer configuration, it looks like this :
    There if I enter the geometry of my tray, 150 in the X-Max, 200 in the Y-Max and 200 in the Z-Max, the lights turn red, for the calculation of the printing time, I can't Not find the right values.
    The save button is red and indicates 'Correction of update errors' and is therefore not clickable.
    On the configuration of the extruders I also have errors : 
    And on the G-Code I have nothing at all : 
    So when I send an impression to the server, this is what happens :
    Then I have this error message :

    Voici mon fichier de configuration :

    Thanks, Tchicken
  • Sorry but screenshots are not visible. It is some french site without images.
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    It is a French download site, you just have to click on 'Valider et télécharger le fichier' normally.
    How else can I transfer the s.v.p. images to you?

  • In configuration you have too many 0. Your printer is 0x0x0 mm big according to settings and maximum speed is 0. Set them according to your firmware settings. Check eeprom to see real values. Ignore the green/red dots here. Apperently it has detected wrong values.

    But that is not the reason it does not print. In your print screenshot I saw you tried printing a 3mf file. Well 3mf is a model file and you need to slice it first using a slicer and then print the generated gcode file. A good free slicer is PrusaSlicer which is also integrated in our Repetier-Host.
  • Merci, je vais regarder tout cela.
  • Hello and thank you for your help, I have already made good progress, but I had some scares last night ...
    I first made a first slicing with CuraEngine, then launched the printing, there my extruders moved to 1 centimeter above the plate and nothing was printed.
    There was just a small piece of wire at the end of extruder 1 and a small ball at the end of extruder 2.
    Then I tried 'PrusaSlicer', as you advised me, but there, the extruder 1 came knocking on the edge of the plate, so I made an emergency stop.
    This morning, I prefer to ask you for advice so as not to repeat this error and damage my heated bed.
    I am enclosing the data from my EEPROM and the new configuration of my printer:

    Thanks for your help, Thcicken.
  • I don't have your printer and no configs, so can not say what values are correct. Assuming you used lucs davinci fork of repetier firmware I assume they are more or less correct. You should test manually by running home and move around the bed to see if distances etc work. Heat manually extruder and see if it gets hot, extrude when hot to see that works as well. If all that works you can start printing and it should work. Note that when firmware is heating bed it can take a while before it continues. If you check in server console and enable ack/commands/M105 you should see communication going on and see what printer is doing or see error messages if it stops working.
  • Thank you, I will continue the configuration tests according to your instructions.
    Sincerely, Tchicken.
  • Hello,
    I did use luc-github for the configuration. Another question please, to carry out these tests manually, I use the software Repetier-Host tab 'Manual control', then I move along the axes X, Y and Z, but how will I be able to detect that the Distance between my bed and the extruders is the right distance? And how can I fix these values ​​permanently?
    Sincerely, Tchicken.
  • You move 100mm and measure if it was 100mm. You can update accerlation/steps per mm in eeprom settings.
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