How to change default port of Repetier-Server 0.51.1

Hi All,

I am very pleased with the Repetier-Server 0.51.1 so far. Everything is running really good on RaspberryPi B+. I want to change the default port from 3344 to 80. I don't have any other web server running on the Pi and 80 is more convenient for me. I found  /usr/local/Repetier-Server/etc/RepetierServer.xml configuration file, but when I change the port setting in the file, the server refuses to start. It seems to work only with 3344, I tried different ports and it's not working with any of them. I am, obviously, missing something out, but I don't know what. If someone have idea what is wrong please share it :) Thank you in advance!



  • First, you need to restart the server to make changes work. New installations fill overwrite this. Next release supports alternative config files that do not get overwritten with updates.

    Port < 1024 are privileged ports and can only be run with root privileges. The server runs as non-root for security so it can not access these ports, so only port > 1024 can be used.

    Solution is installling a proxy server e.g. haproxyor apache with proxy config (maybe a bit overkill) that send requests to port 80 through to port 3344.
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    Thank you for the good explanation! I didn't know that only users with root privileges can open ports <1024. I just changed the value of RUNASUSER variable in the init.d script from repetierserver to root and now the server is running on port 80. Probably not the best idea but it's fine for me. Thank you again!

  • You only have to watch out for updates now. They set everything back and change permissions of storage directory as well, so you have to redo this after each update. Except that it no problem I think.
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